• Choucri Ghanem Street, Facing Le Vendome Intercontinental Hotel, Ain Mreisse, Beirut District
  • (+961) 1 374 752/3/4
  • 12:00 pm - 1:00 am

About Us


Upscale, Exquisite and Original, “Le Pecheur” is THE SEAFOOD PLACE!
Excellence is our Pledge. Satisfaction is our Mission.

We offer our valued customers nothing but the very best, in quality products, luxurious services, and all together ambiances. We also provide a wide variety of seafood, and premium-imported specialties to suit all your special occasions.

Our products are tastefully arranged and displayed over a special location in the heart of Beirut on the shore of Ain el Mreisseh. “Le Pecheur” has a breathless view over the sea on a newly equipped terrace that will luckily exceed your expectations and make your experience with us comfortable, enjoyable, and unforgettable.

“Le Pecheur” is there to always please and offer the best deluxe service for the customer since our mission is Satisfaction. Consequently, “Le Pecheur” wishes and works on being the first seafood restaurant in the Lebanese and Arabic Area.



“Le Pecheur” organizes multiple and different events like taking pharmaceutical companies’ events, tourism companies, weddings, birthdays, engagements, and a lot more events held in a classy and irresistible spirit.


“Le Pecheur” contains closed rooms inside the restaurants for those who would like make a conference or prepare a workshop; these rooms are kept with LCD and tables with chairs in order to appropriately give a workshop with all the means of comfortability


It is well-known that a Breakfast in Beirut should be done at “Le Pecheur” without any hesitation since “Le Pecheur” is one of the very few restaurants that hold breakfasts with a different menu and different plates